Jul 23, 2014

Our Garden July 2014

Our Garden July W3 2014
Our garden is in full bloom right now and has been doing great due to the cooler temps this summer and lots of rain.  I've only had to water our garden when we planted so far.  Usually the only thing I do in July except for the occasional weeding is watering in early mourning and guiding tomatoes in their cages, and beans and cucumbers up their trellises.

Jul 21, 2014

What We Are Growing in Our Garden (June Recap)

Wow has this post been late this year!  We have been so busy here this year working on home projects (maintenance and remodelling), that I haven't had time to post about our garden. It's also been amazing weather here (believe it our not our summers can be very hot here but this year it's been upper 70s instead) that I've been rather compelled to hang outside rather than hang out inside in air conditioning being a nerd.  I do apologize for those who do follow our garden every year.

May 12, 2014

Easy Peasy Ground Beef Tacos (Make double and freeze for an easy meal later)

My Dad was in a really bad car accident almost 1/2 a year ago now and is finally coming home from the nursing home where he has been recovering since then.  I've been talking to my family about ideals for meals that will be easy for my family to make ahead for them.  My family is on the go often and very busy and my dad is a picky eater so I've been thinking of what I make that is simple, super good, and every one loves.  Look for more easy make ahead meal recipes to come soon!

May 8, 2014

Cheesy Egg and Sausage Muffins Recipe: Easy Breakfast On The Go (low carb, gf)

I'm currently addicted to these muffins.  I seriously can't stop eating them.  I can eat them for Breakfast lunch and dinner right?  Think cheesy sausage omelet cooked to perfection crossed with a muffin.  Next time I make it I plan to use my large muffin pan so I don't feel like such a pig eating 4 or 5 muffins at a time!  These are great for brunch or an easy hearty breakfast to go.  They'd even be great for a picnic! 

May 4, 2014

Mexican Street Corn Esquites Salad Recipe (Great for Potlucks)

I've been following the Paleo diet (no grains or dairy) somewhat, but not strictly for the last year or so, which means rarely having any corn.  I didn't miss it for a long time, but all of a sudden the thought of corn sounded sooo..... good to me.
So when I when I needed a side to go with my Mexican lasagna casserole (one day I will post that recipe), I couldn't help but think that mexican street grilled corn would be so perfect, but corn is off season right now so finding corn on the cob is difficult especially is you want organic (so that it's not GMO).  So I thought hey what if I used frozen organic corn and made it into a salad.  Well when I had that thought there was no longer any doubt.  I had to try to create Mexican street corn salad.  Mexican street corn is basically corn on the cob topped with mayo, lime, chilli powder, salt, pepper, and cotija cheese.