I've Gained 20 Pounds Since Hitting My Goal Weight 5 Years Ago.

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My weight today: a great ex. of how unacurate the scale can be, just a few hrs before I was 2 lbs less

About 5 years ago I knew it was time to focus on losing weight when I started to not fit into my clothes anymore.  I am not overweight, but I just want to stay at a healthy weight for me.  For everyone that is different.  I am a pear shape, so I gain weight first in my but, hips, and thighs, then my stomach, and lastly on top.  So I know when I'm gaining inches in my waist I know I'm gaining weight and need to make some changes.

I tried really hard to loose weight for months and nothing happened.  Eventually though it began to work so well it felt effortless.  I lost 20 lbs in a few months and it didn't feel like I was even trying.  Luckily I blogged about it here, because it's hard to remember what I did years ago.  I'm hoping to recreate the weight loss magic I found 5 years ago again.

Why Did I Gain the Weight Back?
I have since gained it all back (plus a little more) and I find myself reading my own post trying to figure out what I did that worked so well back then.  So what happend since then?  Well after I lost more than my goal weight, I allowed myself some cheats here and there, and eventually my diet got totally off track.  "It's been months since I've had ice cream, and I did lose weight and it's summer...."  is what I would tell myself.  My workout got off track too.  I was working out at a gym and it wasn't available for a few months, and then I got out of the habit of working out.  I was working out at home before that, but for some reason I didn't go back to that when I couldn't go to the gym anymore.  Basically I think I gained it all back because I stopped trying when I was at my ideal weight, not that what I was doing wouldn't work long term.

Since my post 5 years ago I've been at my highest weight ever for about 2 years, only to gain a few extra pounds beyond that, this fall.  The last few years I've had alot of things going on and just didn't feel I had the space in my head to commit to losing weight.  I finally feel like now I'm in a good place to start.  While flipping channels I happened to come across the show, "Revenge Body" with Khloe Kardashian and was surprisingly found it to be very inspiring and a good source of mentors.  Each show has 2 people on that she sets up with top trainers and nutritionalist.   I like to find trainers that inspire me and have videos I can follow.  I've been following Simone de La Rue and Harley Pasternack  from the show currently and trying to create a diet and exercise plan that I will actually follow that I think will work based on advice from trainers.  I plan to blog about my goal : to lose 20 lbs in 3 months  and whether or not it's working.

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