How to Freeze an Avacado

By Julie Sews - 2:50:00 PM

Years ago I use to buy avacados on sale and freeze them, only to find them months later in my freezer brown with freezer burn. Whoops in an effort to save money I spent time and precious freezer space and actually lost money. Of course I threw them away and vowed to only eat avacados fresh from now on .......until recently.

I've been having smoothies for breakfast everyday and wanted to add frozen avacados, so I froze avacados for the first time in years.  And I tried things a little differently this time and it worked!  Now I know what I did wrong.  I did not protect the exposed avacado part enough.  The only way I protected the exposed avocado from oxidizing was covering it with lemon juice.  This was not enough protection against oxidation (turning brown) and freezer burn.  I also left it in the freezer too long because it got buried in the back.

The texture of the avocado does change after frozen.  The best way to use frozen avocado is in smoothies, gucamole, or try my vegan no churn ice cream, vegan pudding popschocolate pudding, or no bake brownies.

How to Freeze An Avacado

1. Cut the avacado in half and remove the pit

2. Cover the exposed avacado in lemon or lime juice, then cover the exposed avacado with yougurt, sour cream, or water.  This creates an air barier that helps protect the avocado from turning brown.  Make sure to get every nook and cranny and evenly coat.  I use yogurt, since I use it in smoothies and I add frozen yogurt cubes to my smoothies too.  If you are freezing avacado to use in gucamole sour cream and lime juice is a nice compliment.  If you don't want to add anything to your avacado you can add water to the exposed avacado.

3. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap.  Make sure not to allow for any room for air. You can skip this step, but I don't know how long it will last past 2 weeks.  I have skipped this step, but I usually use my frozen avocado within 2 weeks.

4. Place the plastic wrapped avocado halvss into a freezer safe zip bag, squeeze out all air and seal it closed, and place in the freezer.  Make sure to place it somewhere visable so you don't forget it and use within a few months.

5. If using frozen simply peel the skin off and use, otherwise let it thaw out. If it is difficult to peel off the skin, put in the microwave for 10 seconds.

How to Freeze Mashed Avocado
Image via California Avocado 

1. Cut the avocado down the middle and take out the pit.
2. Scoop out the avocado and place in a bowl and add lemon or lime juice.
3. Mash with a potato masher, or place in a food processer.
4. Place in a freezer bag, remove air before sealing.

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