Update on my Weight loss Goals

By JULIE - 4:07:00 PM

Hello everyone.  I figured I should post since it's been a long time.  With New Years we are flooded with reminders to get healthy, which of course has me thinking about my goals last year of losing weight and gaining muscle and more importantly living a little healthier.

In my post I wrote a year ago I've gained 20 lbs since hitting my goal weight 5 years ago, I talked about how I wanted to try to recreate the magic when I effortlessly lost weight 6 years ago and write about my journey.  Well it's been a year since that post and I felt like I should update everyone on what happended.

I struggled to stick to the diet changes  and exercise program I had designed for myself last year.  Especially the exercise part.  I am so not the get up early and go to the gym kind of person.  I finally was just starting to get into the rythum of exercising and then my Dad died.  Needless to say the momentum I was struggling to get was gone after that and was honestly the last thing on my mind.

After some time had passed after his death, other life demands took over.  That's not to say that life demands should be an excuse to eat bad and not exercise, but I do think it's important to not have a lot of big demands on your energy (stuff going on in your life) while you are starting to try to establish new habits.  Typically it takes 2 to 3 months to establish a new habit, sometimes even up to almost a year.  It really depends on how hard the new habit is for an individual.

Currently I have gained another few pounds since last year.  Things in my life are thankfully calm now and I plan to yet again try to lose 25 lbs (last year my goal was 20 lbs now that I gained more weight I have even more to loose), and gain muscle in 4 months (1-2 lbs a week).  I will post what my nutrition and exercise plan is and what my results are (good or bad)  so check back often and follow on facebook.

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