Review of The Documentary Fuel And Link To Watch It

By Julie Sews - 8:42:00 AM

I just watched the documentary FUEL yesterday, you can watch it here.   I highly recommend you watch it.  It was a very good realistic look at alternative renewable fuel sources. I think we often look at renewable energy as a lofty goal, when we are not even using the technology we have today.  For example,our gas mileage standards are the lowest in the industrialized world.  Funny how politicians never mention that huh?  They just talk about hydrogen cars maybe someday...  Like it's just a lofty dream.

 I felt that the first half of the movie was introducing the story behind the movie and the information was nothing new to me, but a good  reminder of how badly we do need a different fuel source.  But the second half of the movie was really interesting.  I like that they pointed out that ethanol is just energy neutral.  Nobody wants to hear that, especially here in corn country (MN), but it's true.  My husband did a research paper on ethanol years ago and came to the same conclusion.  I was a little aware about the algae fuel, because the U of M had a commercial showing their contribution to this.  But I was not aware of how it worked.

Very cool, sadly I would be surprised if this will ever take off due to the power of the oil companies. But as they point out in the movie, change needs to start at the bottom.  It starts with you.  I also believe we as consumers and small business owners have much more power then we realize.  Since most business are by definition interested in making money.  For example, the government might not pass a law increasing fuel efficiency to be on par with the highest MPG in Europe, but if consumers only buy the most fuel efficient cars what do you think they'll make?  Look at what the Prius did.

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