Study Finds Diet Pop Increases Risk of Heart Attack or Stroke by 61%

By Julie Sews - 8:58:00 AM

I just woke up to hearing on the news that a new study finds diet pop increases risk of heart attack or stroke by 61%.  Watch a news clip here.

There has been a lot of controversy about artificial sweeteners.  Many people believe it increase the risk of cancer among many other diseases.  For an excellent explanation of theses concerns I suggest watching the documentary Sweet Misery here, or look at article here.  While these concerns have not been validated by the government what we do know for sure are that diet soft drinks are addicting. 

When you drink them, changes take place in your brain that make you behave differently. Your actually becomes addicted to  like it’s a drug.  When your drink any artificial sweetener, you over-stimulate your sweetness receptors. It changes the way you think about the way things should taste.  You crave extreme sweetness. And naturally sweet foods like fruit don’t taste as good to you. Vegetables aren't as appealing, because they’re not sweet.
Your diet pop has no calories, so when the calories don’t arrive, your body tells your brain to get them. Your hungry, and you turn to high-carbohydrate foods and sweets to make up the calorie void. But now, the insulin you’ve poured into your blood tells your body to turn whatever you do eat into fat.  No wonder we're all so overweight!
I personally chose not to allow an artificial sweeteners into my body.  I do on occasion use stevia (a natural no calorie sweetener) but choose to use real sugar in limited quantities and as less refined as possible.  When I was a child a friend of mine's mother was a pharmacist and she said her mother knew someone who was researching on artificial sweeteners and would not let their children take any, so her mother would not let her have any either.  Because of this I did not completely avoid it, I very rarely had any, only if say someone offered me a diet pop and had no other options.  
There is something just wrong about putting a chemical substance discovered while researching pesticides or drugs and noticed to be sweet into my body (if you look at how all artificial sweeteners were discovered it's usually a similar story).  Just the fact it's a chemical and not food alone makes me not want to consume it.  There is also the fact that studies on Aspartame were so bad Monsanto had to hire Donald Rumsfield to get it approved by the FDA.   Hmmm... that's weird right? Bottom line I don't want to be a guinea pig.  Why put something in your body that just might be ok?  Why not pick the option you know is ok.  

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