Citrus Tea Tree Body Butter Cream Recipe (yields 4 oz)

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This  is a heavy cream, so I like to use it in the winter usually.  This recipe is preservative free and therefore can only last up to 5 days (You can’t rely on your vision to check whether your lotion is OK because bacteria and spores are microscopic and can’t be seen by the human eye.)  Store in your fridge!

Citrus Tea Tree  Body Butter Cream Recipe  
(yields 4 oz)

2 cup glass measuring cup
spatula, spoon, or plastic stir stick
pin or scissors to open vitamin e soft gel capsule
grater to grate beeswax
container (I use pint canning jars)

(Oil Phase)                                                   (Water Phase)
2 oz  of soybean oil                                       .5 glycerin (this is a humectant)
1 oz coconut oil                                            .5 oz of distilled water
1 1/2tbsp beeswax – grated                          EO (add after mixture is under 100 degrees)                        1 vitamin e capsule (preservative)                4-5 drops of Lemon EO
1 tsp letchin (emulsifier)                               3-4 drops of Rosemary EO (optional)
                                                                      4-5 drops of Tea Tree EO (antibacterial)

Oil to water ratio: 3/1   
  1. sterilize  container and equipment, by boiling in water for at least 2 min or by using alcohol
  2. Melt Oil phase ingredients together in a glass 2 cup measuring cup over a double broiler or in the microwave under the melt setting
  3. Heat distiled water in microwave or stove
  4. Add water to the oil phase once both water and oil phase is about the same temperature.
  5. stir the mixture and then beat with a hand mixture, with only one beater (since that's all that will fit in the measuring cup for about 2 min 
  6. pour into sterilized (by heat if glass or alcohol for plastic) container allow to cool before using

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