Snap Shot of Our August Garden

By Julie Sews - 10:33:00 AM

Here's What Our Garden Looked Like Mid to Late August


My first red pepper ever!  Yeah.  I'm so excited I luuuvvve red peppers.  Now I have more than I can even eat.  To bad my husband hates them...

How did we achieve this year?  We purchased small plantings from a local nursery early in the season.  We gotta do whatever we can in zone 4....

Swiss Chard

How beautiful is that!  I just want to plant it because it's beautiful in addition to being tasty.  I had cut off all the leaves in July i think and it did grow back.  Right now it is starting to die back a little.  If I harvest the leaves now will it produce another crop before the first frost?  We will see.....


Our first year growing this, so exciting!  After hearing about GMOs and soybeans next year we plan to use organic seeds.  

When to harvest?  Are they ready yet?  I think they are I plan to test some out shortly.  They took up way more room then we expected, next year we'll give them more room.


This year is the test we usually only get an watermelon a yr and harvest it too late and it doesn't taste as good.  This year we planted twice as much as last year and I plan to be careful about picking it when it's perfectly ripe.  

So far we have lost one to critters, squirrels are my guess, and one to rot.  We have lots of little watermelons going right now

Our Jungle of Tomatoes!

We planted way to many cherry tomatoes.  In hind sight we should have planted them together and vined them up.  I have been having to prune it into shape constantly just to maintain at least a little order.  It is still very hard to harvest them and I'm having to harvest them about once a day and I get about a handful

We should have used a larger cage on our other tomatoes, we are harvesting a large tomato about every other day.


I planted like 3 times from direct seed in hopes of having lots of cucumbers.  Yet only one plant survived.  It has yielded 2 cucumbers, this is one that an animal got to.  A squirrel maybe?  

Next year I plan to start some from seed early first myself and then transplant into the garden.

Sugar Snap Peas (2nd Crop)

We pulled out our spring crop that was nearly all dead in July and replanted, this is how it looks now.  

Spearmint and Container Gardening

I have read that anything mint related is very invasive so you should plant only in containers.  So I planted from direct seed into this container and has worked wonderfully.  I plan to make my own tea with this and use it in my beauty products and cooking.

I planted arugula in the same container and did not have as good luck.  Prior years it has self seeded and took over our garden so I decided to plant in a container.  next year I plan to put in a larger container and make sure to plant fewer seeds and thin a lot.  

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