One Minute Chocolate Fruit Dip: Only 2 Ingredients!

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  This time of the year we have as many strawberries as we can eat (we harvest about  1-2 lbs a day in June).  I try to eat as many fresh as I can because really they are best fresh.  I also like to eat them fresh by holding the stems and eating around them, so it's also less work for me to eat them fresh since I don't need to hull (take the stems and green leaves off) them then.  

Our favorite way to eat strawberries is with chocolate dip.  It really takes perfectly ripe freshly picked strawberries to a whole new level.  And the best thing about it is it only takes about a minute to make and uses only two ingredients.  
Strawberries and chocolate dip pairs great with strawberries and champagne for a romantic night, or iced chocolate coffee and strawberries for breakfast.  It's the perfect snack for kids, or the perfect side for meals when you don't know what else to have with it like hot dogs.  This is also great for a picnic, pot luck, or party. 

Some other fruit you may want to try with chocolate dip are:
  • mandarin oranges
  • sliced frozen bananas
  • frozen pineapple chunks
  • apple slices
  • raspberries (if frozen it would be easier to dip)

 Other ideals:
  • angel food cake
  • pound cake
  • potato chips
  • rice krispy bar squares

One Minute Chocolate Fruit Dip: Only 2 Ingredients!

  • 1/2 cup milk (I used pasture raised whole milk), or favorite milk alternative (example almond, coconut)
  • 1/4 cup of milk or dark chocolate chips (could sub white chocolate chips instead)


Place chocolate chips and milk in a small microwavable bowl

Heat at a low heat setting in the microwave, use the soften setting if available on the shortest option (on my microwave it is 1), if not use your melting setting on the shortest option (on my microwave it is 1), if your microwave has neither setting try 60 sec at 40 % power. Basically your trying to melt the chocolate slowly without burning it.  

If you don't like using a microwave you can melt it with a double boiler on the stove

Stir with a fork until mixture is smooth.  It might take awhile so keep mixing.  If it doesn't seem like it's going to all melt repeat the last step until smooth.  

If you have time put it in the fridge to cool.  It will thicken after it is cooled. 

If the mixture is to thick for you add more milk.  If it is too thin for you  add more chocolate chips and repeat the above steps.  Serve with your favorite fruit!

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