Easy Peasy Ground Beef Tacos (Make double and freeze for an easy meal later)

By Julie Sews - 9:22:00 PM

My Dad was in a really bad car accident almost 1/2 a year ago now and is finally coming home from the nursing home where he has been recovering since then.  I've been talking to my family about ideals for meals that will be easy for my family to make ahead for them.  My family is on the go often and very busy and my dad is a picky eater so I've been thinking of what I make that is simple, super good, and every one loves.  Look for more easy make ahead meal recipes to come soon!

The first thing that came to mine is what I like to call my easy peasy taco recipe.  Which I've been meaning to publish for ever.  I've published a make it all from scratch beef taco recipe before so if you prefer to make it completely from scratch check it out here.
Why this Recipe is Easy Peasy
My easy peasy version is great cause all you need is ground beef, and some pantry staples: a jar of salsa, a basic marinera sauce, organic better than bouillon (chicken or beef), and some spices.  I know what your thinking marinera sauce?  That seems weird in Mexican food.  Well it actually works quite well as long as you get a pretty basic flavour sauce.  Tacos actually are similarly spiced as marinera (salt, garlic, oregano) just with added cumin, chilli, and cayenne pepper.

Make Extra and Freeze for Later
Another great thing about this recipe is it freezes well.  If you are making for two you can freeze half this recipe.  If you are cooking for 4 you can double the recipe to make ahead a meal for later.  You can place it into a freezable pry-ex glass container with aluminum foil placed over the taco meat to avoid air then place lid on it, defrost in the fridge over night and heat in the oven the next day with the aluminum foil over the top. 

Easy Peasy Beef Tacos

serves 4-6

2 lb cooked grass fed beef (lean)
1 large onion diced
16 oz hot salsa
16 oz marinera (go for a simple basic one )
2 tsp cumin
4 Tablespoon Ancho chili powder (I get Archer farms at Super Target)
½ tsp cayenne powder (more or less to taste)

  1. Breakup the ground beef and cook the beef until no longer pink in a very large skillet and add the diced onions when the beef is close to being done
  2. Add the remaining ingredients stir and let simmer on med heat for about ½ hour, then let simmer on lowest temp until most of the moisture has evaporated. Or I guess another way of saying this is it shouldn't look like it will be a sloppy taco. This should take an hr or more.

    Serve with hard or soft shells or as a salad or even nachos with desired toppings. 
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