July 2011 week 2 Garden Update

By Julie Sews - 5:35:00 PM

I finally am getting the garden back in order after being busy teaching children sewing.  Our tomatoes were so out of control that I had to trellis and prune them before I could even walk through our newly widened paths!

our tomatoes after pruning and trellising
It is so hard to imagine how over grown plants can get and creep into your pathways.  While we did extend our pathways to just be wide enough to sit on, it's not as wide as author and inventor of the SQ ft method Mel Bartholomew suggested I thought it would be fine given that we didn't need to fit a wheel barrel through the aisles.  Perhaps we should have....  maybe next year we will plant the tomatoes further away from the pathways, maybe 1 ft in instead of 6 inches. 

Garden A: 
What's Doing Well:
broccoli (except slanted due to wind damage) is about to start producing.  Corn and popcorn first yr, asparagus, Kale first yr (we've been harvesting), cilantro (we've been harvesting), turnips (first yr), 

What isn't or Might not do as Well:
Sugar Snap Peas, Beans, and soybeans due to a very late season this yr, fennel never grew (it has before), purple basil it is growing but tiny, was shaded by kale which we pruned so hopefully it will do better now.  Brussel sprouts first yr it's hard to tell how it will do so far.

Garden B:
What is doing well
Peppers we bought, tomatoes transplants we grew and nursery bought, swiss chard transplants we grew ourselves.

What isn't or Might not do as Well:
spinach, it's tiny and already bolting, guess we just planted too late. Carrots and Lettuce might do well but is too soon to tell.  Our bell pepper transplants we started are not doing well they are so tiny and our nursery bought ones are already starting to grow peppers.

Strawberries: All are trying to grow runners, hopefully we will get more plants to fill in!  Our everbearing are starting to produce and so far I've been able to harvest before the animals can get to them.  I had a couple from the store and compared them to ours.  Ours were so much better!

Container tea garden
Never really had a chance shortly after planting the seeds squirels came and dug in the container and killed them. I learned we need to keep it in the garage to germinate and start growing first.  

Containers: lettuce is already harvested and we have replanted a new crop. I plan to make wooden planters for a fall crop soon.  Potatoes are doing well I was adding another wood layer up in our build as you grow potato bin today when my drill ran out of juice.

Raspberry patch: I am harvesting about 9 oz of raspberries a day.  I made my raspberry syrup for pancakes, ice cream, oatmeal, and angel food cake.  I froze the rest.

Rhubarb and Onions bed:  I made a strawberry rhubarb crisp, and have been harvesting the green onions often (they're going to seed I think it's so pretty).   We planted asparagus in our expanded garden thinking nothing grew I threw done beet and radish, dill and parsley seeds, only to find a lone asparagus spear pop up.  So I guess we'll see what else can grow.  Mr cat loves the garden bed expansion, it's his new fav spot.

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  1. I know what you mean, I made my paths only 2ft wide in one area and now I can't see them at all!

  2. Hard to imagine in March! I learn more every year.


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