How to Build a Simple Build as you Grow Potato Bin

By Julie Sews - 10:33:00 AM

I finally finished my build as you grow potato bin.  Better late then never I hope.  If you have been following my blog or are a gardener in MN you know we have had a late season and boy am I behind this year.  This is our first time growing potatoes and I know it's very late in the season, but I figure it's still worth trying. It was so easy and inexpensive!

Build as you Grow Potato Bin

  • (2) 8'x1 1/4" wood cut in half
  • (16)3"x6' cut into 3 pieces (each piece is 3"x2') to go up 2 ft on the box, (I would start with that and add more later if needed
  • (50) wood screws
  • A drill
  • 4 potato eyes
  • compost
  • peat moss
  • clamps
Instructions:  Make sure to pre drill holes before screwing in with the drill.  I purchased my wood at Home Depot and had them cut the wood in the store, so come to the store with your measurements it's a real time saver, especially if you don't have a table saw!  Follow the steps below:
First Step build the base, Second Step screw in the poles
Make sure to screw the poles in the same direction of your other screws

Step 3: use clamps while drilling section to poles

You're Done!  Fill with compost and peat moss and plant
Mix 1 part peat moss to 1 part compost.  Make sure that it is well integrated and then place potato eyes up with 2-3" of soil mix covering the eyes.  Potatoes should be 1 per square foot according to the SQF (Square Foot) method so I figure 4 potato plants should fit in here evenly spaced.  Make sure to place in a sunny area and water very well after planting. Once the potatoes start to grow you can add another layer of the 3" wood sections, and add more soil mix and so on.

Update: If your plan on storing your potato bin indoors for winter like me, I would suggest adding a bottom to the bin made of cedar.  I figured this out this fall the hard way and plan to fix this before I plant this spring.

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  1. This is so great!! I am embarrassed to admit that I still have two bags of seed potatoes in the garage. I had no idea where to put them and was thinking about just composting them. Maybe I'll try this instead. (still not sure where I'll put it) I tried growing potatoes in a barrel before but it didn't work very well. I thought it might have been because the container was tall and black and maybe too hot for the potatoes. Anyway, this looks like a good thing to try! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am glad this post gave you some ideas. Like I said in my post I know it's late in the season for this but, why not try it what have you got to lose? Even if it doesn't work or grow well you'll learn some for next year and at least you'll have the bin made for next spring already. We gardeners have so much going on in spring it's nice to have stuff done ahead of time! Let me know how it works for you and if you have any questions. Thanks for your comment!


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