USDA Finds That Eggs Have Less Cholesterol and More Vitamin D

By Julie Sews - 1:02:00 PM

Researchers recently took eggs from 12 locations around the country and sent them to a laboratory for testing. They found cholesterol to be lower and vitamin D to be higher then when it was last tested in 2002.  These latest cholesterol findings are published on the website of the Agricultural Research Service.

The drop in cholesterol is thought to be because of changes in hens' diets, the way the animals are bred or other factors. (summarized from USA Today)
Here's what I thought hearing this news story, "If chickens are given better feed due to new regulations and there eggs are proven to be healthier, what if you only feed them really good organic food and let them get out into the sun (when they get sunlight they have higher levels of vitamin D, they also, according to my local farmer at our farmer's market don't need to be debeaked then)?"  Well if you buy organic eggs, that's what you get.  They often feed them a diet high in omega 3 ALA (plant derived), and they get sun which means more vitamin D, not to mention probably less prone to disease due to better sanitary conditions (watch a clip from the documentory Food INC here to see what I mean).  I think this helps show that all eggs are not the same, and that our food is not as nutritious as it could be.
Watch a clip of The Nightly News With Brian Williams on this story
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