Best of Homemade Gift Ideals (including free printable labels, and packaging ideals)

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My other blog OhYouCraftyGal: Top 10 Kick ass Handmade Gifts
If your not sure of what to get for someone on your list, consider a handmade gift.  Most people appreciate the love that goes into making a gift and especially the uniqueness and personalization of it.  With that said, by this time of year I would keep it simple.  Think of projects you can make in a couple days or less and think of gifts that you really couldn't find anywhere else, since that's really the beauty of making handmade gifts.

On my other blog Oh You Crafty Gal, (where I share about crafting,and DIY fashion and beauty), I've shared a couple post on handmade gifts that I thought I'd share with y'all.

Handmade Gift Ideals
Check out the full tutorial at Tatertots and Jello
Think you don't have time to make a hand made gift?  Think again and think photo gifts.  Making a home made gift doesn't always mean you need to craft or make it with your own two hands.  You can always make photo gifts too!  Often you can get photo gifts at your local photo lab in the same day.  This year I'm making a photo book for one of my gifts and I'm so excited to give it.  It was really easy and turned out great.  This is just one ideal of my Top 10 Kickass Handmade Gifts (Ideals and Tutorials).

Free Printable Gift Tags and Labels For Handmade Gifts
Check out this free printable tag for your hand knit or crochet gifts from Cobberson & CO
Once you've made your fabulous creation, make it even more fabulous by include tags and or labels that emphasis that it's hand crafted, give care instructions, and make it feel more special,  Check out my Best of Free Printable Tags and Labels for handmade Gifts. I've checked out all the links to the free printables and they work (at least as of writing this)!  I was surprised while researching this how many links from pinterest were broken.  you can also check out my pinterest board on DIY labels/tags for more free printables and tutorials about how to make fabric tags.   

Food Gift Ideals
I made these candied coconut walnut clusters for gifts last year.  They were easy and a hit.

Not Crafty?  No problem you can always make a food gift.

Baking not your thing?  Don't worry, you can always make your own special blend of trail mix, candied coconut walnut clusters, flavored salt (like bacon salt, basil salt, or chilli pepper salt), rice krispies lumps of coal,  special jams (like smoky bacon jam and yes I am obsessed with bacon, lemon strawberry easy chia seed jam (the chia seed's do the work of pectin), or chocolate raspberry jam, ),or sauces (like crockpot dulce de leche), flavored butter (like cranberry butter), etc.  The ideals are really endless.

Check out Paper crave for these free food gift tags and labels and more
 Not to mention all the great free printables for food gifts. Check out my pinterest food gift ideal board for more ideals and free printable labels.

Designed by Lia from, via
After you make your gift it's time to think of all the cute ways you can package it.  Check out the free printable Christmas gift tags above from and my nice package pinterest board.  

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