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Tamilee Webb Of Buns, Abs, and Arms of Steel fame

A couple of years ago I wrote about how I was at my highest weight ever and in danger of having to buy new clothes. I started trying to go from not working out at all to do crazy intense cardio for hours most days and nothing happened, then I made slight changes in my work outs and diet and the weight started to melt off effortlessly until I reached my ideal range.

Why I think I Gained Weight Recently

I am not one to care about my weight or count calories, I just eat highly nutritious real foods. I feel like I know what is a healthy weight for my body considering my build and height.  Not a super model skinny, but a healthy weight.  To me that's allowing some extra fat in the areas my body first puts it on, which for me is in my butt and thighs I'm a total pear, but not in my gut which is where fat travels to next on my body.

I stayed pretty much in my ideal range for 1 year, then I stopped doing all my little new tricks because I got cocky and thought I didn't need to any more.  Well the weight slowly started to come back on 1 lb here or there.  I didn't worry because it was so slow and for all I know it could just be water weight (did you know water weight can account for up to 5 lbs).  Currently I'm right back at my highest weight ever and starting to get a little gut, not cool.  While it's likely it's partially due to my diet, the holidays and winter comfort food are hard to resist, but I think it's most likely due to the fact that I only exercised about 2 months in the last 10 months or so.  Yep I know pretty bad right?  But just cause I've been bad at keeping up with my routine doesn't mean I'm going to give up!  

So what happened?  Well, I'm not the type to wake up early to go to the gym, and had never worked out until a few years ago.  I found a gym in my area where I can work out cheap at only a specific time which is great for me because it motivates me to go to the gym and not out it off.  I have been working out there for about 2 years now.  Unfortunately my gym is closed in the summer and I don't sign up in the winter because of the bad roads here in MN.  So in the summer and winter when I don't go to the gym I work out with videos at home.  This summer and winter though I haven't.  I just had too hard of a time transitioning to a new routine.  I now have motivation too work out, to lose my gut, and all I need is a new fun easy routine that I will actually stick to.

My New Exercise Routine with Tamilee Webb (my new exercise crush)

From this experience I've learned it's crucial that I work out 5 days a week (M-F), even if it's only for 10 min, just to get in the habit of working out.  It's suppose to take a month to create a new habit, so I figure I'll start with 15-30 min a day so that I'm sure that I stick to my new work out plan and once it's a habit I might increase my time or difficulty.

If you've never heard of Tamille Webb, you've probably heard of her work.  She's the creater of the "Of Steel" exercise series.  Some of her titles include, "Arms, Abs, and Lower Body of Steel" (the one I own), "Abs of Steel", "Buns of Steel".  My husband bought me a copy of "Arms, Abs, and Lower Body of Steel" years ago.  I tried a work out or two a couple times but then forgot about it.  Want to know more about Tamilee Webb?  Check out this interview below with Tamilee talking about how she got started.  Also check her out she looks good for 55 years old!

Tamilee Webb interview  How I made Millions in Fitness (11min)

"Arms, Abs, and Lower Body of Steel" 
 I recently watched my "Arms, Abs, and Lower Body of Steel" video again and was quite impressed.  It's definitely dated.  The large columns holding huge TVs so you can see her from different angles, the music, etc.  While Tamilee Webb looks like an arobeoics instructor by her outfit, her muscles don't quite fit with that image.  Girlfriend is buff! Not only is Tamilee buff and toned but it turns out she also has a Masters degree in Exercise Science.  This tells me that she is seriously interested in exercise, cause you don't need a degree to be an exercise instructor, and especially not a masters. As for the workout, it's broken into 3 different 15 min Arms and Ab work outs, a 15min butt work, a 15min Thigh workout, and a 15 min lower leg workout, and all workouts have warm ups and cool downs.  They all were challenging for me but not so much that it would discourage me from doing it again.  There was just enough cardio in the warm up to get your heart rate up and I felt the moves for that were a little difficult the first try, but I think after a few tries I could keep up with it no problem.  I also felt like she did a good job of explaining how your form should be while doing the exercise.  Very impressive indeed. 

There are not many You Tube videos for the of steel series, (below is the best clip I could find it's a different video though) so I would suggest buying a copy of "Arms, Abs, and Lower Body of Steel".  There are used copies for $3 or less on Amazon.  Below is my routine with this video.  

M F  

Equipment needed: Matt and arm weights 3,5, 10 lbs what ever is good for you.
All three Arms and Abs videos (45 min) 

T W Th

Lower Abs of steel on 15 min work out a day 
Equipment needed: matt, chair, a towel if on tile or hard wood, or a plastic bag or furniture slider if on carpet
Tues: Buns  15 min
Wed: Inner outer thighs   15 min
Thurs: Lower legs (calves, etc.) 15 min

"Abs of Steel Preview (not from  "Arms Abs and Lower Body of Steel") 11 min

"The Science of Fitness: I Want That Body"
Don't want to buy the DVD mentioned above?  No problem, check out Tamilee's "I Want that Body" series.  After her "Of Steel Series" she created the "I Want that Body" series where she worked with scientist hooking up to EMG machines to monitor what exercises were the most effective at contracting the muscle. 

I love this series!  The video is broken up into two 15 min workouts for the butt, arms, and abs.  Her warm up is very easy to keep up with.  I find many cardio moves to be too complicated in videos. Many of the exercises look deceptively simple.  By that I mean it looks so easy and basic you might wonder if you really could get a good work out from these videos, but believe me they do work.  I have found myself sore the next day after doing these workouts.  After doing only 1 of the workouts on "I want that Butt" I was actually sore for two days in my thighs! The cool thing to with them looking so simple is most are super easy to figure out how to do and are not very intimidating.

 These videos are available on You Tube, which you can watch below.  Or of course you can purchase the video in full on Amazon or Tamilee's website where you can also download it instead for $15.  You can also workout with Tamilee via the internet on Spiro Fit.

When I get bored of my current video I plan to work on her "I Want that Body" workouts. This workout I've designed for myself is much more Intense than working out with Arms and Abs video.  So this plan is the advanced plan. 

Both I Want those Arms workouts total 30 min

Both I want those Abs workouts total 30 min

Both I want those Buns workouts total 30 min

Both I Want those Arms workouts total 30 min

Both I want those Abs workouts total 30 min
or Jillian Micheals 6 Weeks to 6 Pack Abs Level 1 36 min.: Video Below.  Uses both cardio and ab workouts with HIT (High Intensity Training).  This video has more different exercises and added cardio movements to burn fat compared to Tamilee's. Tamilee's starts with a very short warm up and goes straight into is a few very killer moves, that you repeat in circuits.

If you want a shorter work out time you could go easier on yourself and do work out 1 of arms on Mon and 2 on Fri, instead of both on both Mon and Fri.  Also if you want a more challenging lower body work out you can always add leg weights.  I'm thinking about purchasing these leg weights that adjust up to 5 lbs on each leg.  I've heard that some people had problems with the fabric being slippery, but I figure if that happens I can figure something out since I teach sewing and am pretty crafty (check out my craft blog if your crafty too).

Tamilee Webb: I want those Arms!  Full 2 workouts

Tamilee Webb: I want those Buns! preview only (48 sec)  I couldn't get the full workouts to load on here but click here for the  Full 2 workouts on You Tube.

 Yep it's settled Tamilee Webb is my new exercise crush.  Right now in addition to Tamilee Webb, I still find inspiration in workouts from my past (and still present) exercise crushes Jillian Michaels, Valerie Walters, and Blogilates by Cassie Ho

Check out the links below to see my past workout routines! What are your favorite ways to work out?  I'd love to hear about it!

Update Jan 2018: I bought the I Want that Body video and I really like it.  It's a bit old  it was made on 2001, so the music is old too, but the moves are timeless and they work.  I was sore the next day.   There are two 15 min videos for arms abs and buns.  My husband who works out regularly did them with me and was impressed with how tough it was.   Don't be intimidated though, you can always do light weights or 1/2 a 15 min workout to start.

I am not a doctor, dietitian, nutritionist, or fitness expert. I have ZERO medical training and NO formal nutritional or fitness training.  The information provided on this site, such as text, graphics, images, is for informational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical care or medical advice and is not a replacement for medical care given by physicians or trained medical personnel.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider(s) when experiencing symptoms or health problems, or before starting any new treatment. 

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