September Produce Tally

By Julie Sews - 3:30:00 PM

our over ripe cucumbers and jalapenos

I know this is coming really late, but better late than never right!  I was so swamped with our tomato harvest (both harvesting and preserving read more about that here) doing our kitchen renovation, and teaching sewing (which I do only in the fall and spring), that I've had a hard time finding the time to blog!  It was also hard to even keep up with weighing everything.  Most colanders I used to harvest our tomatoes with were over the weight limit for our scale.  I ended up guessing at the end (as I ended up doing last year too).  So I don't know how accurate it is.

Tomatoes      63lbs

Broccoli          9 oz

Cucumbers    6lbs 8 oz

Jalapenos         2 oz

Beans            3lbs 8oz

Bell Peppers      3 oz

Beets             13oz

Beet Greens      5 oz

Kale                2 oz

Sept Produce Tally 2013 75 lbs  2 oz
Produce tally for the year so far (47+75)=122 lbs

Produce Tally Sept 2011=118 lbs  2 oz
Produce Tally September 2012= 25lbs 3oz

Compared to prior years we seem to have done just fine.  I can only guess if we had been better at harvesting all of our possible produce we would have produced closer to what we did in 2011 (118 lbs).  We did not harvest any kale although we could have harvested at least a couple pounds.  We also lost about 20 lbs I'm guessing of tomatoes due to not harvesting in time.  

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