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I didn't watch the Super Bowl last night (I'm not into sports), but I did catch the half time show.  Madonna has inspired me to work out more.  My new goal is to look and move like Madonna when I'm in my 50's (she is 54).

About My Lack Of Exercise
My biggest health goal this year is to finally develop a work out plan that I will actually follow.  I am giving myself 2 years to get into the perfect exercise routine.  We have made great strides in eating healthier, the only main area I lack in a healthy lifestyle is exercise.  I've been putting this part off for a long time.  I am so not a go to the gym kind of person.  I have never had a gym membership because I know I would be one of those people paying for a membership they never use.  I thought seriously about buying an elliptical machine, but I couldn't think of where to put it in my house and it most likely would become an ugly reminder of the fact that I probably wouldn't use it. 

I basically have just tried to stay active outdoors as much as possible (going for long walks and biking frequently with my husband).  And that's it.  And during winter I obviously don't do much.  So my biggest problem is coming up with an indoor routine that helps build muscle and has cardio that I will actually do.  I started last month with trying to get back into pilates (I took a class once and didn't stick with it).  I have been using the video below from POP Pilates two times a week and this month my goal was to build onto that routine with something new with cardo and weight baring exercises.

 POP Pilates beginners total body (28 min) (What I have been doing so far)
What Does Madonna Do For Diet and Exercise?
So while watching Madonna last night, I started thinking about my new exercise goals and did some research into her.  What is she doing?  Who better to look at for exercise guidance?
  • I found out that she use to work out with Tracy Anderson (Gwyneth Paltrow still does).  My interpretation of her style is that she focuses on building muscle in a lean no bulk way.
  • She currently works out with Sadie Lincoln of Barre3, whom she flies from Portland, OR to NYC to train with her. Her method seems to use pilates, yoga, and ballet together to create a long, lean, and feminine physique.
  • Madonna works out for 2 hrs 6 days a week
  • She uses the stair master while talking on the phone
  • Follows the Macrobiotic diet
Here are some videos from Tracy Anderson and Sadie Lincoln I plan to try out this month.  There are a lot of videos for Tracy, and not as many for Barre3.  So feel free and look on you tube for more, these are just the ones I thought looked good for me!
Tracy Anderson  total body (adidas sponsered (11 min) 

Tracy Anderson Arms Webisode (9 min)

Tracy Anderson Method  uses towel and mat (8 min)

Tracy Anderson Cardio (7 min)

Sadie Lincoln barre3 arms and legs (10 min)

barre3 uses weights, small ball or rolled up towel, and a chair (5 min)

Barre3 total ab workout use counter top (to lean on) and small ball (5 min)

So my plan is to try these videos out and try to find a cardio video to add to my Tues Thurs routine I'm already doing and to and a weight baring exercise eventually (like in a month) Mon and Wed.  I try to make little changes at a time to my scheduling until it becomes routine.  Let me know if you try any of these work outs or what you do to work out.  I'll post in the future about how my exercising goals are going.

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  1. Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis DVD's will change your life! But it is important to not just get the first or initial three months of DVD's, but to continue with the Metamorphosis Continuity. With Metamorphosis Continuity, you receive a new set of DVD's e every three months. So every three months you get three muscular structure DVD's, each with three half hour workouts and a fourth DVD with a dance cardio workout which is also half hour long. So every ten days you begin with a new muscular structure structure workout, which really gets you results! Tracy Anderson changed my life! And your body just keeps on changing and looking better and better! I just don't and wouldn't follow her diet. Just follow a low GI, high protein diet; which has recently been scientifically been proven as the best way to eat healthily and maintain weight loss.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with the Tracy Anderson Method. I agree with following a low GI high protein diet. I already try to alter my recipes to be more GI friendly. It also helps to hear how her video work out system works. It's hard to see her philosophy on YouTube clips.


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