Historic Freeze in MN tonight: When is your First and Last Frost? Looking at the Frost dates USDA chart

By JULIE - 9:07:00 AM

We in Minneapolis are suppose to have a record breaking freeze tonight.
I plan to harvest like crazy today and drape plastic over my PVC pipe trellises and anchor it with left over bricks I have, and of course bring in all my pots outside.  And pray.....

In Minneapolis our first known frost is Sept 15th, and we are talking a freeze not a frost.  Wow what a short season we are having this year!  We had a very late spring (the year before we had an early spring) and now a freeze on Sept 13th.  I guess you never know what to expect with the weather when you live here.  Thinking about frost and freeze dates I pulled up the USDA frost and freeze chart by zones and thought I'd share it to help everyone plan their fall gardening.

Please note that the dates on this chart are approximate. Most years, the first and last frost will fall within two weeks of the date on the chart, but some years, we get a very early frost or a late snow storm that throws the dates off. Use your judgement (and your local weather forecast!) along with this chart to plan your seed starting and planting.

First and Last Frost Dates, by Hardiness Zone


USDA Hardiness ZoneFirst Frost DateLast Frost Date
1July 15thJune 15th
2Autust 15thMay 15th
3September 15thMay 15th
4September 15thMay 15th
5October 15thApril 15th
6October 15thApril 15th
7October 15thApril 15th
8November 15thMarch 15th
9December 15thFebruary 15th
10December 15thJanuary 31st (sometimes earlier)
11No frost.No frost.

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  1. Wow- hoping you get everything protected!

  2. It makes me SO SAD!! The peppers, squash and tomatoes are just getting going in my garden! :-(

    We will also be building something similar to what you describe today to cover the garden. I would love to see a picture of yours. Usually I use old bed sheets, but my husband wants to put up a temporary greenhouse type thing. I hope to be able to build something next year that is more sturdy so we can leave it out in the early spring and late fall.

    I HATE this time of year!! Good luck with your preparations and covering everything. It's going to be a busy afternoon/evening. Let's hope it won't get as cold as they're predicting!


  3. Hoosier Girl- thanks for the concern

    Amy- That's too bad that your warm weather crops started so late and are just getting going. I'll post pics about my attempt to save my garden but I already know it won't be pretty. I plan to have a better way to protect my garden next year too. I'd love to hear what you come up with next year for that. Hope your garden's OK.


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