Healthy Ideas for Lunch Storage

By Julie Sews - 1:22:00 PM

ECOLunch box 3 in one

With back to school season in the air, (my husband is going back to school), I  recently purchased a stainless steel lunch box by ECO Lunchbox purely on impulse because I thought it was so cool.  I thought my husband might like it.  Turns out the sandwich compartment was much smaller than expected and didn't work for him, but would fit a half sandwich just fine. I think this is such a cute idea for kids in school though that I had to share it. The lunch box is stainless steel and is tested lead free and is made in India (I'd prefer mad in USA but at least it's not China) and it stacks together.  I love the idea that you don't need to have your food on plastic and it's reusable.

Packing a lunch tends to involve a variety of plastic packaging, bags and wrappers that are harmful not just to the environment—heading directly to landfills as they so frequently do—but also, potentially, to the kids themselves.  If you follow this blog you know that I am trying to avoid having plastic near my food whenever possible (which is not possible all the time).  My reason being that plastic is made from oil and on pure logic having food by an oil substance probably isn't smart.  Obviously I think when nothing byt plastic will do use a BPA free plastic, but I still don't feel that this is safe.  Who knows what else could be in plastic that could be harmful and leaching into your food?  I say why buy quality organic food or grow and make your own only to put it in plastic?

like the compartments
stainless steel leak proof thermos

I also found another company making cool stainless steel lunch containers LunchBots.  I like that they have two products that are leak proof, this seems to be a drawback of many of the stainless steel containers.  These are also tested lead free and I believe these are made in China.

So I guess for now it's unbleached wax bags for my hubby in his cooler.  He said this is what he prefers.

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Click Here to read about the dangers of BPA and how to avoid it

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