Another Thief Caught in the Act This One Doesn't Have Fur

By Julie Sews - 4:10:00 PM

While sitting on my couch looking out my front window typing my soon to be published blog post about our garden last month, I saw a person walk up my lawn by our house.  I was on guard but figured it's most likely someone distributing our local paper.  It was odd though that he rode up on our yard on a bike.  They young man on the bike then proceeded to reach over and pick our cantaloupe off the vine and try to ride off with it.  I ran out of the house, (just like I do with rabbits and squirrels), and said " What are you doing on my property?" (Only I don't say that to rabbits and squirrels, I feel like a guard dog).  The guy said "I don't know" and put the melon down and drove off.
Ironically our cantaloupe is about as far away from the sidewalk in front of our house as you can get.  So it was a bit more of an obvious and brazen crime than if it was closer to the sidewalk.  I like to try to get into people's heads.  I wonder what went through the guys mind when he decided to steal our cantaloupe?  Was it premeditated or a crime of opportunity? 

I bet I scared the crap at of that guy!  I bet he didn't think he was being watched.  I guess he won't be come onto my lawn again or causing any trouble around my neighborhood any time soon.  It's good for people to know that your watching.  He probably thought nobody was home because it's a weekday and the afternoon.  It's funny my uncle asked "Don't people pick things from your garden since it's in the front yard and by a busy sidewalk?"  I hope we don't need to have a plan to protect our garden from people too.  That's just sad. 

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  1. I wondered about this too. We have a couple of apples trees in the front that are a long way from really producing fruit, but I am concerned that we will get this problem.

  2. I think next year we will keep any fruit or veggies that you can easily pick and eat closer to our house and behind chicken wire. Basically try to make it so they would have to work harder to get. Thanks for the comment. I enjoy reading your blog too.


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