Tomato and Pepper Experiment Results: How Big Can Tomato and Pepper Plants Grow In Cells

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our transplants August
When planting my tomato and peppers in early June I had a few left over with no where to plant them and figured I'd just leave them outside and either keep them as an experiment or transplant them into a container latter.  I ended up keeping them as an experiment.

 The Experiment
Our biggest pepper transplant roots
If we left our transplants we started from seed that had it's second leaves in June in the cells and not transplant them how big could they get?  Also how big would the roots be?  Would there be more roots then soil?  The transplants I started with barely had two roots even.  We left it outdoors in a sunny place anchored with a brick for 2 months only watering when it was stressed.  We didn't fertilize it or anything special.
one of the small transplants and it's roots
The Results

Tomato Plants 
One tomato transplant grew very big and healthy, I am guessing to it's 5th or 6th leaves, the rest not as big (probably to it's 4th leaves).  The small transplants had a much more robust root system then the original transplants.  The one large transplant was growing roots out of the container and through our cement steps.
Our Big transplants roots

Our Pepper transplant in August
Pepper Plants
Many died but of the few that survived one grew to about 5-6 leaves, the others 4-5 leaves.  With decent roots for transplanting.  I wonder how big they would have been if I had watered them more then the bear minimum to keep them alive.  Next experiment?  What has been your experience growing transplants from seed?  I'd love to hear from you.

our big transplants roots
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