Baby Bunny Massacre In Our Garden

By Julie Sews - 1:51:00 PM

One dead baby bunny exposed the rest are buried in the mulch
look closely and you'll see the cat eating the rabbit
Recently we have been seeing a baby bunny on our property.  On Saturday I was harvesting catnip (our cat is so spoiled!) in our front planting bed and saw a baby bunny jump out.  I was surprised because we did have this bed fenced off with chicken wire.  That night we came home to 3 dead baby bunnies in the same planting bed.  We think a grey neighborhood cat that I have seen trying to visit my cat by our window (also by the scene of the crime), was trying to say hi to our cat and saw the bunnies and had a feast.  My husband assumed the cat would be back to finish it's feast sometime that night.  We were hoping the rabbits would be gone by mourning so we wouldn't have to deal with it.  I woke up to our cat freaking out by the window by the dead bunnies.  The cat came back for his prey just as my husband assumed.  I took a picture of the cat below.  Our poor cat had to watch another cat eat bunnies right in front of him probably all night and mourning.  That must have been torture!  What's even worse is it happened right in front of his spot he spends 90 % of his time.  Another cat hunting on his turf...

The planting bed we found the dead baby bunnies in
When the cat left we only saw the bunny pictured above so we thought the cat eat the rest, but we found while trying to properly dispose of the carnage that the cat had actually buried the bunnies in the mulch.  I thought that was interesting.  Was it trying to keep it away from bugs so it could come feast some more or just giving it a proper burial?  The cat did come back to check out his prey and saw that it was gone yesterday.  I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this cat and less bunnies around are yard....

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