Refreshing Sugar Free Iced Strawberry Herbal Tea Recipe

By Julie Sews - 7:54:00 AM

I am trying to cut out as much sugar as possible from my diet and limit my grains to only limited unrefined grains.  The most important and easiest way to cut out sugar from your diet is to avoid sugar beverages and processed foods.  I mostly drink water, coffee (with organic half and half and sweetened with stevia), and tea.  We only drink natural sodas once in a while as a treat and we split the bottle, and we juice organic apples, ginger, and carrots in our juicer, and have a small amount of organic OJ.  That's about all we typically drink.  Which is fine in the winter but in the summer I crave sweet drinks more often.
Yesterday after working up a sweat in the garden I had a craving for something sweet to drink.  I came up with an idea for a really great healthy sugar free Strawberry drink that uses Stevia (a natural no calorie sweetener from the leaves of the Stevia plant).  We actually grow or own stevia.  I've had the same plant for years now. If your not into using stevia or any other natural sugar alternative please use the real deal.  And organic sugar, can or coconut sugar at that because most sugar comes from beets which is GMO (genetically modifed Organism). Artifical sweeteners are so bad for you!  You do not have to look far into the news to see count less studies that have shown them to be worse for your health than sugar.  The mere fact that ALL artificial sweeteners were discovered by scientist developing pesticides that accidentally tasted the chemicals they were working with and discovered they tasted sweet, should stop you dead in your tracts from using them in my book.  You can also watch the movie "Sweet Misery" for more info on aspartame on our documentaries page in full for free. 

Iced Strawberry Herbal Tea

  •  2 cups of  your favorite organic berry herbal tea chilled, I used St Dalfour organic Strawberry tea for $3.14/25 bags @ Cub Foods
  •  8-10 frozen organic strawberries (I get mine at Trader Joe's it's usually cheapest there)
  • 1 tsp Stevia ($7 for 315 servings @Trader Joe's, or Sugar in the Raw stevia  which can be used for baking too, 550 servings for $8 @Cub Foods)
  1. brew 2 cups of your favorite organic berry tea ( boil water over the stove and place two to three tea bags (depending on how strong you want it) and let seep for at least 5 min, then remove the tea bags and compost them if you compost) and let cool to room temperature or place in the refrigerator.  I brew it in the mourning and put it in the fridge so I can have some whenever I want.
  2. Place the tea, strawberries, and stevia in a blender and puree until all the strawberries are broken down.
  3. Serve immediately.  Enjoy!

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