Digging up our Lawn and building a SQF Garden: Part 3 we're done!

By Julie Sews - 10:08:00 AM

Our finished SFG garden June 2011
I've been so busy these last two weeks!  I've been working my butt off in the garden. I have a serious farmer's tan to prove it!  We finished our new garden! I love it.  So worth the work.

We have two garden plots of 4 3X5 feet squares.  I'm calling one Garden A and the other Garden B.   I am loving our new wider paths!  I can actually sit down now while I garden, and it's just wide enough to fit a step stool to help pound in the trellises with a mallet.  Due to the odd shape of our garden plot and to maximize the planting space we had we used 4 bricks for the vertical path and 5 bricks for the horizontal path.  We used landscaping fabric under the paths to discourage weeds and we used course sand in between the brick pavers.  We chose to use brick pavers with a brick mow row to make our garden so that it would be easy maintenace.  We can easily mow up to the garden (no weed wacking) and it won't rot so we shouldn't need to ever replace.  Plus I think it looks better. 

What We Still Have to Do
We still have to finish laying brick on our extended existing bed and plant herbs, put up chicken wire and 7 more trellises, extend an existing bed in our back yard and plant asparagus, pull weeds out of an existing bed and plant Arugula, and plant mint in containers.  So we are far from being totally done.  But not today.  I don't even plan to go outside because it is suppose to maybe get to 100 degrees today.

Garden A
We are planting tomatoes, carrots, lettuces, and peppers here.   We planted strawberries up our pathway next to the garden (the mulched area).

Garden B
We are planting soybeans, green beans, sugar snap peas, blue corn a heirloom variety (can't wait to see that!), strawberry popcorn (I think kids will love that one), Asparagus, cilantro, basil (purple heirloom), Broccoli, turnips, cucumbers, kale, and brussels sprouts. We planted strawberries up our pathway next to the garden (the mulched area).

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