Forks Over Knives Documentary: Why Are We All So Sick? (With link to watch the movie in full for free)

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This documentary addresses the question why are we all getting sick and dying despite our medical advancements?  This is the very question I had that led me to changing my lifestyle and inspiration for starting this blog.  Although I have been fortunate to have a family not nearly affected by Diabetes, Cancer, and Heart Disease, I still feel like I hear about someone I know having all of the above mentioned diseases far too often.  It made me wonder why?  I don't buy the it's just your genes argument.  I think something else is going on. I am hoping to come to my own answer to this question and will share with you what I read or watch to find these answers.  I encourage you to form your own opinions and answer this question for yourself.  What makes sense to you?  I'd love to hear your comments on this movie or subject!

Why is it that Chinese people rarely have any of the major diseases (Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, etc.), until they started having a more western diet?  This question spurred the China Study.  The documentary talks about the China Study.  Perhaps I'll read the book about the China Study before seeing the movie.   The China Study refers to a 20 year research project on diseases and lifestyle factors in rural China and Taiwan by Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine. The Study encompassed over 100 villages across China.  The findings were that a diet high in animal-based foods is associated with chronic disease, while those eating primarily a plant-based diet were the healthiest.  They argue that we must  avoid meat, dairy and processed foods.

Could this movie turn me into a vegetarian?  Probably not, but I am trying to limit my animal products (tonight I'll have half the steak portion I usually have for example).  I'm convinced a healthy diet limits animal products, but I'm not yet convinced that it's necessary to eliminate it completely. 

I am however convinced that dairy is not as healthy as we have been lead to believe.  You have to admit it seems strange that we would feel it's healthy to drink from the teats of another animal.  We have replace cow's milk with coconut, almond, and cashew milk.  As for meat, I like how Dr Oz says to think of meat as your side dish not the main course.  Baby steps...

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