Heirloom Seeds I'm Ordering From Seed Saver's Exchange

By Julie Sews - 4:21:00 PM

We are really excited to grow heirloom seeds this year.  Our foods going to be so pretty this year.  I like growing unexpected things.  Also after understanding how GMO seeds are taking over all conventional crops, I believe it's up to the gardeners to be the keepers of heirloom and non-GMO seeds alive. Seed Saver Exchange seems to be a good company, so that's who we decided to order from.

We have some seeds left over from last year, we plan to purchase the cool looking unique veggies below, and the rest we plan to buy organic seeds from local stores.  We are trying to have only heirloom seeds that are unique, high yielding, and shortest growing season possible (since we live in zone 4).

Carrot 1190-Dragon
The most refined purple carrot available;
bred by John Navazio. Sure to be the best
selling carrot at specialty and farmers’
markets. Beautiful red-purple exterior
provides an amazing contrast with the yelloworange
interior when sliced. Sweet, almost
spicy flavor. 90 days.


(OG)-Blue Jade

Miniature plants (up to 3 feet) bear
3-6 ears with sweet steel-blue kernels
that turn jade-blue when boiled. One of
the only sweet corns that can be grown in
containers. 70-80 days. ±3,100 seeds/lb.
Packet (25 seeds)

616(OG)-Japonica Striped Maize
Magnificent ornamental corn
from Japan; known in the 1890s
as Striped-Leafed Japanese Maize.
Variegated leaves striped with green, white,
yellow, and pink. Tassels are dark purple,
kernels are burgundy. Beautiful when
planted as a border. Color develops better
when plants are widely spaced. 85 days.

Popcorn864(OG)-Tom Thumb Popcorn
(aka Hulless, Dwarf Rice, Squirrel
Tooth) An ornamental popcorn
bred by the late Professor Elwyn
Meader at the University of New Hampshire.
Dwarf 3½' plants produce 1-2 ears each
that measure up to 4" long. Good for
coastal and short-season areas. 85-90 days.

Update: We ended up getting Blue Jade Corn and Strawberry Popcorn from Seed Saver's Exchange, you can read about the results here.

Lettuce977-Red Velvet
Absolutely striking appearance. Tops of
leaves are solid maroon, and the backs are
green tinged with maroon. SSE is proud to
have reintroduced this variety in 2002. Slow
to bolt. Looseleaf, 55 days.

846(OG)-All Blue

Deep blue skin and blue flesh
with a thin white line just under
the skin. A good choice for baking and
frying, excellent for making colorful
chips. When boiled the color turns to a
light blue. High mineral content, good
keeper. 90-110 days.

New! 1533(OG)-Mountain Rose
Medium to extra-large tubers
with smooth brilliant red skin.
Light red swirled flesh is moist,
non-waxy, and retains its color after
cooking. A versatile potato that is good
for chips, fries, mashing, or for an attractive
potato salad. High yield potential. 70-90


Introduced through SSE in 1984
by Will Bonsall, originally from
the Lowden Collection. Dwarf sprawling
plants with very early fruit set. Egg-shaped
2-3" fruits with good strong flavor. Not
the same as Siberia, which is inferior in
all respects. Determinate, 57-60 days
from transplant.

One of four tomato varieties sent to the
U.S. from the former Czechoslovakia by
Milan Sodomka. Compact plants with
potato leaf foliage loaded with clusters
of 2" fruits. Quite early, great flavor.
Heavy yields all season. Produces well in
northern climates. Indeterminate, 55-70
days from transplant.

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