Live Green and Use Recycled Containers For Seed Starting Indoors: Save Money and The Planet

By Julie Sews - 3:27:00 PM

Why spend a lot of money buying new containers for your plants? Live green and instead of buying planters, start saving your recycling to start seedlings in, you'll thank yourself (and your wallet) later.   Here's what I'm saving: 

Recycled Seed starting container ideas:
  • yogurt cups, big tubs or small single size
  • sour cream containers
  • cottage cheese containers
  • egg cartons - and their lids (even half-egg shells for that matter)
  • Plastic milk or juice containers (cut the top off and use the bottom - the top you could use as a cloche)
  • Paper, plastic, or Styrofoam cups
  • paper 1/2 gallon OJ containers and half and half containers with the top cut off
  • Those tiny, snack-sized Ben & Jerry ice cream containers
  • oatmeal containers

Or anything else you can think of. Be sure you wash the containers out thoroughly and don't forget your drainage holes, and good seed starting mix.

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