How to Make Chocolate Pretzels

By JULIE - 9:12:00 AM

Making chocolate covered pretzels is basically the same as dipping chocolate, so this could be applied to say chocolate dipped strawberries or anything else.  I looked at many recipes before trying it myself.  Some added cream or shortening.  I have found adding anything to the chocolate is not necessary.

Here's what I did:

Have cookie sheets covered with wax paper ready.  Create a double boiler with a glass or metal bowl over a pot with water.


  1. Temper chocolate.
  2.  Add pretzels to the bowl, stir until they are all covered in chocolate,
  3.  Using a fork place the pretzel on the wax covered cookie sheet.
  4. Let set, probably will take 2-5 min.
  5. Store covered in a cool place for up to a few weeks or freeze in a prex freezeable glass container, or plastic bag.
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