Natural Cat Litter: It's Healthier for Your Cat and Your Family

By Julie Sews - 9:35:00 AM

Why I have stopped using Clay Based Litter and So Should You

I recently learned that the dust particles in clay based litter is considered carcinogenic.  After learning this I started thinking about all the times I cleaned my cat's litter box, about him tracking it all over the house, and about the possibility of him ingesting it while grooming himself.

I started researching about natural cat litters and found one called Swheat Scoop.  Swheat Scoop is like the name suggests, made of wheat and is scoopable.   I heard good things about it online and it seams easy to get.  I knew it was at Target so I went there planning to purchase it, only to find there was another natural option Arm and Hammer Essentials Natural Clumping Litter that uses corn and baking soda, and is scoopable.  I purchased this only because it was cheaper then Sweat Scoop.

Instead of replacing all his litter I have started to add this litter to his existing litter I have been using, so that he will slowly get use to it.  I have heard that changing litter can be stressful for cats.  So far so good.  He seems to like it just fine.  It was surprisingly easy to find, and not that expensive.  I paid $7 for 10.5 lbs and according to the package that's the same as 20 lbs of clay based clumping litter.    In which case it's actually cheaper then buying clay based clumping litter.  I feel better knowing his litter is safe for him and us.

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