Vertical Gardening: How To Build A PVC Trellis

By JULIE - 8:44:00 AM

Urban gardeners need to utilize vertical space as much as possible!

You can grow way more than you think by trellising, using containers, and square foot gardening.  I usually grow pole beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, squash, zucchini, and pumpkins.
I learned with my peas to start trellising early or you will regret it! So I started early with my cucumbers and watermelon. I have also been pruning off leaves on the bottom so it will be easier to train, have less chance of disease, and have more energy to put towards growth.

Here is an easy way to make a trellis.

  • 3 pcv pipes 1/2'' X 6" (please see update before)
  • hack saw
  • 2 pvc connectors
  • drill
  • twine, string or yarn
  • step stool
  • mallet
  1. How wide is the space you want to trellis? Mine was 4 ft so I had to use a hacksaw to cut it to size
  2. Put pvc pipes together with connectors
  3. Get onto step stool with mallet in hand and place where you want it into the ground and pound it in until sturdy
  4. You can either drill holes into the PVC for the twine or just tie the twine around the poles
Update:  I would suggest after having learned of the dangers of xenostrogens in PVC pipes that you use metal pipes instead.

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