In the movie Food INC a farmer in the movie said something to the effect of, "What would happen if we had food so pure and nutrition dense it actually made us healthier?" Hippocrates famously and wisely said "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." That is what I am striving for.

I take the best recipes and tweak them to be packed with as much nutrition as possible without sacrificing any taste or the foods I love.  This isn't just good for being healthy food, but super good you would never guess it's good for you food.  I only add recipes I would serve to entertain and I make often so all recipes have been tested over and over.

So How do I Make my Recipes Healthier?
  • I try to use as less sugar as possible (often cutting down the amount and substituting some with stevia, a natural no cal sweetener and using natural sugars when I do like honey, maple syrup, etc.)
  • I try to add fiber as much as possible (by adding flax, chia seeds, or psyllium seed husks)
  • I try to use as little grains as possible and whole grains that are gluten free GF when I do (I often substitute wheat with flax or almond meal, organic polenta, flax, buckwheat, milliet, brown rice, etc)
  • I replace bad fat (vegetable, canola, etc) with good fat (coconut, olive oil) I use organic pasture raised butter only when it enhances the flavor and I use the least amount needed to add good flavour.
  • I add veggies and fruit whenever possible without compromising flavour
  • I cook at the lowest temp needed (this preserves nutrition and enzymes)
  • I use organic and local ingredients whenever possible
  • I only use pink salt and no table salt (Here is why) 

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