October Produce Tally 2013

By JULIE - 9:02:00 PM

Mr Cat always inspects our root crops! 

Our garden still has a few things in it but it's mostly been put to bed now.  We still have beets, rutabaga, carrots, parsley and chives, kale and mustard greens.  Soon I plan to harvest what is left before the ground freezes or we get a big snow.  We already had a light snow last week (see the picture of our garden below), and in MN you never know when the next one will come!

Our garden the first snow of the season, Nov W1 (it has since melted)
We could have harvested a lot more green tomatoes, but I thought most of them would not turn red before they went bad so I only kept what I would want to fry up as green tomatoes.  In the past I harvested everything and one would go bad eventually and spread mold to the others. I think in the future I will be fine keeping all our last of the season tomatoes as long as they are not cracked or bruised.

October Tally

Tomatoes 31 lbs
Beets          1 lb 2 oz
Rutabaga          6 oz
Beans          2 lbs
Broccoli             6 oz
Carrots       1 lb 5 oz
cucumber         14 oz
kale             1 lb 5 oz
Bell pepper         5 oz

Total Produce this month= 38 lbs 11oz
Total Produce for 2013 so far= 160 lbs so far (122+38)

Total produce October 2012= 10 lbs 4 oz
Total Tally Year 2012 in Oct = 145 lbs (135+10)

Oct 2011 Produce Total = 27 lbs 1 oz
Produce Tally for whole season 2011 in Oct= 182 lbs 

How We Compared this Month to Prior Years
As you can see above we have done better this month than prior years, but not overall for the season.  We had 22 lbs more produce in 2011 than this year.  We however did have more for the year this year (160 lbs) than last year (145 lbs).  It seems the biggest difference would be that this year we had a lot more tomatoes than prior years, after that it would be more root crops, cucumbers, and beans.  

How has your garden done this year?  I'd love to hear about it.   

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