October Harvest Tally and Garden Update

By Julie Sews - 2:12:00 PM

Our garden Nov W2
I know I'm way behind on this tally and postings.  We've been having computer and internet issues, which hopefully we'll have fixed soon.  I've also been busy with fall yard work, learning knitting, and teaching sewing.   Luckily we haven't had to do much with our garden.
  We took down all our garden structures except for the trellis for the peas (I was still hoping that they might grow  since they didn't grow because of the drought but are fairly cold tolerant).
Our struggling peas due to our drought Nov W2
We put our tomatoes that we're green (when we took down the tomato plants) onto the ground in hopes of having some helpers in the spring (see in picture below).  Basically we just have Kale that's still producing.  Our fennel did well with fosts and a freeze but eventually it started to wilt before we harvested it (pictured below).  Everything else is root crops that we can harvest as long as the ground isn't frozen yet, so our harvest is nearing an end.

Our wiled fennel Nov W2

October Tally
  • 10 lbs tomatoes
  • a bunch of basil
  • 2 small peppers 3 oz
  • 2 jalapenos 1 oz
  • 4 quarts of tomato sauce
Total = 10 lbs 4 oz

Total Tally Year = 145lbs (135+10)

Last year we grew 25 lbs of produce in Oct and were at 182 lbs for the year. 

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