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By Julie Sews - 10:28:00 PM

If you wondering why I haven't posted for awhile, it's because I'm taking a knitting class (and teaching ,my sewing class) so I've been trying to spend my free time knitting while I have access to a teacher.  I do plan to try to find time to post about our garden hits and misses this year soon so stay tuned for that!

When it comes to creative endeavors I tend to be pretty adventurous.  Like I'll alter a recipe I've never made some times without doing a trial run first.  I make all my own sewing patterns.  So it only makes sense that my very first knitting project I would decide to make my own pattern rather than following on.  Crazy?  Probably. 

I created this using the seed stitch (which is pretty easy for a newbie like me) so that it has good texture.  I designed this cowl so that it would fit easily under all my jackets without being bulky, less opportunity for heat to escape and less stuff to fuss with.  I also made it really long so that I can use it to cover my mouth when it gets really cold here.  I created this without circular needles, so if you don't know how to do that yet no troubles, you'll just have to learn how to seam.

I basically came up with the ideal for this last year, I just didn't know how to knit yet.  I just felt like my scarfs last year were a bit too bundled up looking.  Let's just say in MN when your happy that it's a warm day because it's in the single digits (yes you heard me right), you feel less than glamourous.  All you care about is being warm.  But hey it's nice to be cute and warm right?

You can get this pattern for free at my other blog Oh You Crafty Gal.    Is anyone else knitting anything for winter?

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