A Look at Twin Cities Homesteaders in the News

By Julie Sews - 12:24:00 PM

I recently read the article Farm in the city by MN Monthly featuring fellow local urban homesteading blogger Aimee of Adventures in Urban Homesteading, (along with lots of other cool people in town finding creative ways to homestead in the city), which made me wonder what other urban farmers have been featured in the press recently.  Here's what's going on in the Minneapolis homesteading seen:

Baby chicks, know-how in high demand

Pioneer Press  by Andy Gerder June 11, 2011

How cute!  An Americana chick stands on the front counter at EggPlant Urban Farm Supply in St. Paul  (Pioneer Press)

Article Abstract

Great story about how raising chickens are growing in popularity here and good resources mentioned on where to buy chickens and chicken raising supplies as well as where to find classes. Read the full article here.

My Comments:

 I think that's great that so many people are interested in getting chickens in Mpls.  We don't have any yet, but plan to when we have children.  If nothing else I think it would be a cool learning experience for kids and a fun "pet".  At least they're a pet that at least partially pay for themselves.  And it's cool to actually be able to control what your chickens are eating, and literally know the chicken your egg came from. 


Expanded ‘urban agriculture’ policy blossoming in Minneapolis

Minn Post By Karen Boros | 03/26/12

Article Abstract

This article is about the new Urban Agriculture Policy Plan approved by the City council’s Zoning and Planning Committee. The ordinance establishes market gardens, where crops grown in a yard could be offered for sale. Gardeners would have to pay for a city license and adhere to strict rules about the farm stand from which they would sell their food.  Check out the article for more details

My comments: 

 Part of me cringes to hear any rules about homesteading.  I'm not one for rules and regulations.  I come from the it's your land you should be able to do what you want with it and sell what you want from it thought process.  I do however think it's good that by setting up this policy, homesteading is clearly allowed in Mpls.  I have heard of (and reported on) stories where there is no clear policy on homesteading and people gardening in the yards are fined, harassed, and threatened to go to jail.  Crazy right?  


New Urban Farm Ready to Serve Minneapolis

MN Monthly Wednesday, May 23, 2012 By Marie Flanagan

California Street Farm Minneapolis,MN
Article Abstract

  There is a new urban farm in Minneapolis, California Street Farm, the farm sits on a  ¾ acre vacant parcel of land.  California Street Farm is located in the heart of the Arts District in Northeast Minneapolis. The farm is nestled on a former vacant lot between the railroad tracks and NE California Street on 22nd Ave NE, near the California Arts Building.  Starting in mid-June, California Street Farm will be fulfilling CSA shares to members, they will also be hosting an onsite farm stand open to the public on Tuesday afternoons, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. CSA members will pick up their shares at the farm.  Check out all the details here.

My Comments 

I'm jealous of their 3/4 an acre I must admit.   I love the ideal of CSA's and selling food at the farm because you get an even better ideal of where you're veggies are coming from.  


Urban Farming

You, too, can find the best of two worlds in your own backyard

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