Kimchi Chicken Wild Fried Rice

By Julie Sews - 11:06:00 AM

I have come to realize that through the use of long term antibiotics, years of a crappy diet, and birth control pills I have completely messed up all my good bacteria (my GI Tract).  This is seriously not good for my long term health.  I can only assume my immune system is low, and my digestive tract is in bad shape, not to mention my liver (due to the toxins excessive yeast release).    I am off of my antibiotics now and pumping my body full of probiotics. I am taking a high dose probiotic (raw probiotics) twice a day and eating yogurt once a day as a snack or drinking my banana shake with keifer (recipe will be posted soon).  I wanted to find even more ways to add probiotics to my diet.  I keep hearing about kimchi, and was tempted to try it but scared, what if I hate it?  When I saw Kimichi fried rice in the freezer aisle at Trader Joe's I knew I had to try it. If you follow this blog you've probably noticed I've had a recent obsession with fried rice so this was right up my alley.   I rarely ever buy frozen meals anymore, but I figured it was worth it to try it and see if I liked it.  I figured this would be a safe cheap way to try it (it cost like $2-$3  word of caution I don't know if the frozen version I tried had any live good bacteria or enzymes).  My husband and I both loved it.  It really did taste good.  In fact once I got use to the taste I actually crave it sometimes.  I  recently made my own version using early spring veggies from my garden, wild rice and chicken and it was so good!I can't wait to try it with other dishes.  Gourmet has a kimchi quesadellia that's calling my name...

What is Kimchi?
Kmichi is also spelled gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee.  I first learned of it on the PBS show Kimchi Chronicles.  It is a traditional Koren fermented vegetable dish made mostly from cabbage that is usually spicy.   Because it's fermented it's loaded with good bacteria and nutrition.  It does have strong flavor so I would suggest adding a little bit at a time to my recipe tasting each time to make sure the flavor isn't to strong or spicy for you. You can make your own or buy some at your local health food store in the refrigerated section.

Kimchi Chicken Wild Fried Rice
Serves 4

1 lb diced organic free range chicken (or wild shrimp)
2 cups of kimchi plus 1/4 cup of kimchi juice
1/4 cup of filtered water
1 tsp of organic better than bouillion chicken  base
1 1/2 cups or organic onions diced
scallions for (optional)
pinch of pink salt
4 cups of day old (or made ahead) wild or black rice
1-3 tablespoons organic virgin coconut oil
Chinese chili paste to taste

Heat the coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the diced chicken or shrimp until thoroughly cooked.  Remove chicken from skillet and add the onions and salt. Cook, stirring now and then, until beginning to soften and brown, about 3 minutes. Add the rice and stir fry. Cook until the rice is warmed through and beginning to brown, about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat and add 1/4 cup of filtered water and 1 tsp of chicken base stir until dissolved to make a concentrated chicken broth.  Add the chicken back in and the kimchi and chinese chili paste to taste, stir, and serve hot.  Try not to heat the kimchi to keep the good bacteria.

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