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By Julie Sews - 2:18:00 PM

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What does this mean?   Professional sploggers create multiply sites that steal content of blogs via software and make money by the traffic created from the stolen work from ads on the site.  Every article I have ever written on this site has been copied.  If you are reading this anywhere but the site A Minneapolis Homestead at the url then the site is a splog stealing my content and others.
It's a shame this had to happen because I currently have more good ideas for posts than I have time.  Unfortunately this does not motivate me to write at this time.  I am upset that someone is making a profit from my work, when I write this blog purely to help others learn how to live healthier alongside me not for monetary gain.  So right now I believe my time is better spent learning a cool computer geek way of dealing with this.  I'm always learning new things!   I'll share what I learn on FB, twitter, and a future post.  Until then I will be taking a break from posting for awhile.  In the meanwhile you can keep up with me here:


So if you follow this blog and do not follow me there now is the time to do so!   If you have been splogged or have any ideals of how to handle these little thieves please let me know! 

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  1. Oh man Julie, that totally sucks! I know that this is a HUGE problem in the blogging community. Mr. Brown Thumb has written several articles about it, and I'm sure many other bloggers have too. Here's a link to one article on his GardenBloggers blog that might get you started...
    GardenBloggers - Feed Scrapers
    and here's another...
    GardenBloggers - Feed Scrapers II

    I found my content on other websites before too, and it's sickening!! I haven't taken the time to investigate further. How/where did you find that every one of your posts has been splogged? I'd like to search for mine too.

    I would also be interested in helping you out any way I can. I am a web developer by day, so maybe I can help with some of the technical stuff. I would love to find a way to protect my blog too.

    Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks for the articles Amy and you offer to help. It's nice to know I have someone to consult with. I follow Garden Bloggers too, but had not seen that article. The best article I have found is:

      I am mostly interested in learning how to use Embedanything. You can see a demo of this application here: Looks cool, I'll probably try this soon. The PHP thing sounds like it would be a good tool to force non compliant sploggers to stop using your content. Doesn't look like I'll need that yet,(my splogger seems compliant so far, more on that later).

      To find out if you've been splogged Amy, you can use the copyscape button on this site to search your own site. Use your least generic post for best results. I tested pages I know have been copied, and some work and some didn't show up. So it helps, but it doesn't mean if it doesn't turn up that it wasn't copied. You can also search on goggle under your least generic titles. My titles were copied word for word. I don't know if this is the case for most splogs or not. Again this worked for some and not others that I know were copied. I checked a few of your posts in this manner and did not find anything, but I'm sure since it's your site you would know better what to check.

      My focus first is in having my content removed, now that I have managed to have my splogger stop copying any new content I write. This post was a test for that. And then to double check that neither of my two blogs are being scrapped anywhere else. I plan to do a little detective work depending on how that goes I might engage in a project or not, more about that later. Then I plan to learn how to protect my work from being stolen again. I'll write a post as soon as I accomplish these task about my experience and the steps I have taken, in hopes to help other bloggers learn from my experiences.

  2. How did u learn about this? I'd be very disheartened if that happened so I completely understand why you are taking a break.

    1. Thanks for the concern Michelle. I was actually doing research for my own spring gardening/ planning a post by looking up frost dates for my area. I had done a post last spring where I figured all indoor planting and transplant dates, and I wasn't sure if the date I used were from our last known frost or the average last frost.

      So I searched in Google under last frost Minneapolis, and another one of my post came up on top. Only so did another website that had the same wording as my post (that was not a generic title). So I clicked on the link, only to see my post word for word the same with related links all being copied articles of my site as well. So I guess I lucked out I even realized this, since I didn't even know about splogging.


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