Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter: Cat Hoodie Tutorial

By JULIE - 4:33:00 PM

My tutorial for Mr Cat's hoodie at my other site Oh You Crafty Gal
I made Mr Cat a hoodie for winter.  I decided to make one last winter when it was actually too cold for Mr Cat and he wanted to come inside.  When Mr Cat wants to come inside you know it's cold!  We usually have to bring him in kicking and clawing and with the lure of treats.  He loves being outside climbing trees and yes the house (that nearly gave me a heart attack).  I started on it late in the winter and when it was warming up it seemed kind of point less.  I finally finished just in time for winter and I thought I'd share it here.  I posted a tutorial for it on my crafty blog Oh You Crafty Gal.  I didn't know what he would  think of it when I was making it but he actually seems indifferent to it.  It's only when he grooms himself that he gets annoyed with it.  I think he doesn't seem to mind it since I used Velcro closures so it's easy to get on and off of him. 

I was wondering if anybody else was crazy like me and had made their cats hoodies too, so I did a search online.  Apparently I'm not the only one.  I found a site with over 50 pictures of cats in hoodies.  It was so funny.  If anyone else has made a hoodie for their cats I'd love to hear about it. 
Check out over 50 pictures of cats in hoodies. I laughed so hard.  This one looks like my cat.

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