Mystery Solved Corn Theif Caught

By Julie Sews - 10:07:00 AM

the corn thief caught in the act
If you follow this blog you probably read in the results of our seed savers blue jade corn and strawberry popcorn, that we noticed something was eating our corn at the time it was probably 1-2 ears.  We were assuming it was birds (crows most likely).

the evidence of the crime on our steps

Since that posting we have noticed lots of evidence and less and less popcorn on our plants.  "Darn crows!" I would think every time I looked at our garden.  Turns out I was wrong all along.  It wasn't crows it was squirrels.  My husband was laughing when he came home yesterday.  He saw a squirrel crawl over our chicken wire and grab a cob off of our corn and then presiding to eat it in our neighbors yard.  I got a picture.  I caught you thief!  Now at least we can plan better to protect our corn from squirrels next year.  "Darn Squirrels!"

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  1. Major bummer!! How will you protect your corn from the squirrels? I haven't had problems with the squirrels yet (knock on wood) but I like to have ideas so I can prepare for when I have problems. Cause I'm sure it's only a matter of time. :-)


  2. Glad your mystery is solved. Don't ya just love critters?!?

  3. Amy-We are thinking of maybe putting 4 large post (one on each end) into the square we chose to plant the corn in and then put in chicken wire twice as high with netting over it. Unless anyone has other ideas? Please share them if you do. I'd love to here others thoughts.

    Hoosier girl- I use to love critters....

  4. Yah, that sounds like what I would try too. They can chew through plastic easily, so make sure the netting is strong so they can't chew through it. Sheesh, the things we have to do to grow food for ourselves! :-)



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