July Produce Tally

By JULIE - 11:10:00 AM

I have been trying to keep track of how much produce we are growing this year.  I have not kept track in the past.  This is not an exact tally as some times I got lazy and forgot to record and went back and recorded it based off of my guess from similar eyeballing it weigh ins of harvests this month.  So it's a close but not an exact amount.  One reason I am even doing this blog is to remind me to record stuff like this.  It get's so easy to forget, but I am always wishing I kept better notes while doing my planning in the winter for our garden.

July Produce Tally

Raspberries 2.8 lbs
Lettuce 1 lb
Peas 12 oz
Kale 1 lb
Broccoli  1.7 lbs
Cilantro 4 oz
Rhubarb 12 oz
Strawberries just a few small berries (4 or 5) ate them before I weighed them!
Total Produce tally=8.25 lbs

I could have also harvested catnip and swiss chard but I have been too busy/ too lazy to harvest anything that doesn't need to be harvested at a specific time.  If we had actually been able to plant our garden on time this year we obviously would have had more at this point. So it will be interesting to see what we will have next year at this time.  What has you garden produced so far?

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