Why Should You Feed You Cat a Grain Free Diet?

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An Option we are considering for Mr Cat's Dry food
This weekend we decided to go shopping and researching at Chuck and Don's for better food for Mr Cat. I know what we currently feed him isn't the best, but I didn't know what else to get him. While I haven't done a lot of research on grain free pet foods, but I was thinking that it probably would be best to go grain free since logically cats would never eat grains in the wild it can't be good for them.  I think it only makes sense to feed them as close to a meat only diet as possible. Also what do we feed livestock to
fatten them up cheaply?  If you said grains you are correct.  No wonder so many pets are overweight which is of course also bad for their health.  We currently feed Mr Cat 1/2 dry food (Purina's Cat Chow) and 1/2 wet food (Friskies).

Walking down the pet food aisle you see lots of pictures of vegetables fish or meat and whole grains.  Wait whole grains?  Sounds good but should cats really eat any grains?  And wouldn't most of them be GMO?  The thought never crossed my mind before. It's scary how much GMO is in eveything (more about that and newly soon to be approved GMO crops in a coming post).  How does GMO affect pets?  Probably worse then humans one would guess especially smaller pets.

Mr Cat's new wet food EVO: update Evo no longer makes canned food 😿😭
Benefits of a Grain Free Diet
The wild cats diet includes high levels of protein, fats and water, and very little carbohydrates. The diet of most cats and dogs, is the complete opposite of this natural diet: High in carbohydrate, low in protein, fat, and with almost no water.

Just like us, a diet high in grains promotes insulin production and inflammation. Over-production of insulin makes it hard for the body to maintain its correct weight, and can lead to diabetes and other health problems and disease.

What We Found on Our Grain Free Pet Food Shopping Trip
Our mission to find the best food for Mr Cat and at the cheapest price.  We have a wet food winner!  EVO canned cat food sounds amazing.  We got two cans and so far Mr Cat likes it.  It is 95% meat.  We are probably going to get Taste of the Wild or Pure Vita from Nutri Source.  They range from $30-32 for 15 lbs.

Update:  2012:
Mr Cat is Eating Pure Vita Dry Food and Weurva Canned Food

Wet Food
Mr cat is currently happy with his grain free  Weurvea's Paw licking chicken.  It has shredded chicken in gravy.  What cat doesn't love gravy?  We switched from EVO because Weurva's cans are BPA free.  Weurva also has a line called BFF that uses BPA free cans and is grain free.  It is cheaper than the Weurva line but we did not choose it because every flavor has a high amount of tuna, which could have a high level of mercury. 

Made in MN and grain free: Pure Vita from Nutri Source

Dry Food 

We did get Mr Cat Pure Vita from Nutri Source for his dry food.  We picked their Grain Free Chicken & Peas Entrée, since we like to give Mr Cat Chicken, I figure it's a least a bird a little closer to something a cat would actually hunt.  We liked that it is local and was reasonably priced.  Mr Cat Seems to like it.

Update 2015:
Mr Cat Now Eats Wet Food From Precise's Grain Free Line

Wet Food
Mr Cat has been on a few different wet and dry grain free food since this article was published.  We were giving him Weurvea's Paw licking chicken, because the cans are BPA free. We have since changed to Precise's Grain Free  for wet food due to quality and price.  Precise's flaked chicken wet food is grain free in BPA free cans.  Precise's canned food is about $1.30 a can at Chuck and Don's, versus about $1.70 a can for Weurva on Amazon (it was a little cheaper there then at Chuck and Don's).  Mr Cat also seemed to like the Precise can food more than the Weurva Paw Licking Chicken.  I think it's easier for him to eat.  Despite the flaked in the title it's really more of a ground constancy.  Weurva's Paw Licking Chicken is more like chunks of shredded chicken in gravy.

Update 2017:
Our cat out of the blue would hardly eat any of his Precise canned food anymore, which was great since we had a whole case of it.  It wasn't a lack of appetite because we leave dry food out and he was eating it over his canned food, which he Never does.  Our vet said the formula for the food might have changed.

We now give him Merrick's canned turduckin and duck pate , and Wellness complete health pate in chicken, turkey, chicken and lobster, and chicken and herring.  
I also add water now to his canned food to keep him hydrated.  Read more about that here.  He seems to really like it!

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