FDA Year long Sting Opperation on the Amish For Selling Raw Milk

By JULIE - 6:12:00 PM

Rainbow Acres Amish farm in Pennsylvania  were subjected to a year long sting operation on Amish farmers for selling raw milk by the FDA.  Really?  Better get those Amish you know how much trouble they make.  They're a danger to our heath.  Really?  The agent purposely took the milk across state lines so it would qualify as interstate commerce.  Did they really need to do a sting?  They make it sound like it's a drug operation.  It's the Amish selling milk....I just don't get it.

Ron Paul, has sponsored a  bill HR 1830 in congress.  You can read it here.

Don't they have other things to do like oh say regulating drugs chemicals, and GMO foods?  Hmmmm.....nope. And what ever happened to consumers rights?  I think the consumers should be informed and given the right to chose what is best for them. And as Ron Paul stated this issue should be dealt with by local and state governments not on the federal level.

Tell MN to Let Farmers Sell Raw Milk:   Sign the Petition Today

You can check out the Washington's post article on it here. 
Natural News Article on this

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