Are You Feeding Your Cat Petroleum Products? You might be...

By Julie Sews - 9:17:00 PM

Petromalt natural hairball relief petroleum free

I found the need to get a kitty laxative/hairball relief, don't ask it's a long story, and was horrified at the ingredients listed under the typical hairball elimination paste.  Thank god I read ingredients!  The main ingredients you ask?  Mineral oil and Petroleum Jelly, which are by products of oil production.  Yuck!  I'm sure that's great for them.  Lets feed them oil to eliminate fur balls....hmmm....?

Thank goodness I found a natural version!  No petroleum products for Mr Cat!  The one I purchased is pictured above.  It basically has cooking oils and flax and cod oil, with soy lechitin and beeswax.  Much better!

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