We Over Wintered Our Carrots By Accident: Happy Spring Surprise!

By JULIE - 8:28:00 PM

Our Garden April 2011
Digging up or garden we found a happy surprise.  Carrots!  I thought it was a weed at first and tried to pull it out.  I totally forgot about.  In the fall we went from 70 degrees one week to a major snow storm the next week.  And the snow never melted all season!  Needless to say lats of fall clean up was neglected.  Harvesting carrots was one of them.

The carrot I pulled up thinking it was a weed
I had read in "Gardening Month by Month in MN" that you could overwinter your carrots.  So I was hoping it would work.  It did!  I am so going to do this again.  I plan to plant enough to last in the pantry for winter and to over winter too.  I guess you just have to make sure to mulch well.  Luckily we did anyway.  Good thing I read this article because it said to take it out in early spring before it starts to bloom because it will be inedible.

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  1. I have some carrots I'm growing in Minnesota that I want to collect seeds from (Pusa Asita Black Carrot seeds are currently costly to buy and not available in large quantities). Do you have any recommendations for getting carrots to re-seed in MN? Same for other biennials (Kale, Parsnips, etc)

    Thanks in advance

    1. Check out this article on "Saving Seeds of Biennial Vegetables" by Bob Wildfong from Canada (pdf) https://www.cog.ca/documents/Savingseedsofbiennialvegetables.pdf If I understand right he says he puts his root veggies in a cellar and then replants in the spring. I haven't tried this but it might work. Hope this helps. They are beautiful carrots!


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