Cool Videos Showing Urban Homesteads: Get Ideas For Planning Your Garden This Year

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I've been watching videos of urban homesteads to help visualize and plan our garden this year.  We are planning on tripling the size of our garden, so I am in full planning mode right now.  I will also be very busy this spring with landscape projects.  Watching these videos are so making me antsy for spring to come.  It's hard to look outside at a foot of snow and think about starting plants indoors soon.  So here's the best videos I watched today:
This garden is 260 sq ft in a Canadian city, (love seeing what people in my zone 4 or colder are doing, all those CA homestead's just aren't comparable to my growing zone).  It goes through all 4 seasons in a bit of a step by step manner.  It's from 1984, so You Grow Girl must be truly a great gardening resource.  My favorite idea I got from this video was using a ladder as a trellis for cherry tomatoes.  I put mine in a cage last year not realizing they were vining and ended up with a mad jungle of tomatoes.

CA Suburban 1/10 acre lot using raised beds with square foot methods(10 min.)  Although this is a suburban homestead it still is relevant to Urban homesteading since he has such a small lot.  He makes good use of his space.  Shows his tree kale I thought was very interesting.  I also like his case against lawns.  I think it's good to have a reminder of the uselessness of lawns, because it seems wrong to tear up your lawn.  I should know, It felt a bit crazy to tear up our lawn at first but we are so glad we did.  

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