Reclaimed Walnut Table With Built in Planter

By Julie Sews - 4:30:00 PM

I love this table and I'm sure my cat would too! I could see planting cat grass and having him just lay on it and eat grass occasionally.  Truly any cats dream!  Very inspiring.  

This table was made by designer Emily WettsteinI found a post about it on Urban Gardens.  I'd love to make an outdoor table inspired by this.....   hopefully I can figure it out.  If cat grass isn't your thing you could also plant herbs, garlic, onions, or maybe lettuce.  What would you plant in it?

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  1. So glad we inspired you with this post! Please do let us know what you come up with yourself for your own outdoor table!

  2. I will absolutely share with you guys when I do! Even though this one is very cool, I plan to do my own version as an outdoor table. Thanks for your comment!


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