Living Table and Chairs: Have your Furniture Serve a Dual Purpose as a Planter

By Julie Sews - 12:10:00 PM

From Furnibloom
This is so cool!  Very inspirational.  I would love to try to make something similar.  I've always liked the idea of furniture serving a dual purpose. I'm very intrigued by small space design and especially the innovated uses of furniture. I mean why not have dual purpose furniture right?  And of course since I love gardening....I love the idea of furniture acting as a planter.

It's made of plexiglass and glue with holes for ventilation.  Guess I'll have to start learning how to work with plexi-glass.....

I found out about this from a recent posting at  the blog Backyard Farming

Click Here to see a really cool Reclaimed Walnut Table With a Built in Planter

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