Dec 15, 2011

Make Your Garden Glow With Solar Lights and Glow In The Dark Paint

DIY Glow in the Dark Stepping Stones From Birds and Blooms
In the winter I dream of next years garden.  While dreaming I was thinking of easy ways to use solar to illuminate our yard and garden.  This time of year it gets dark at 4:30, and it's so much nicer coming home to a glowing yard.  I can only imagine it helps in terms of security too since the police seminar on preventing burglaries said that lighting and a well maintained yard deters crime.

My criteria is it must be easy and solar so it doesn't increase our electric bills.  My solution?  Solar lights and glow in the dark paints.

Solar Lights
I am so glad solar lights are finally easily accessible.  I plan to use solar string lights (I plan to buy a bunch in after Christmas sales), path way lights, some garden stakes and sculptures that are solar.  I also plan to play with using parts from a path light into our non functioning old gas lantern street lights if that doesn't work I plan to play with glow in the dark paint (we have on in our front and back yard).  I also plan to try to make an outdoor mat with solar string lights.  My inspiration is below.  I plan to try this in spring since due to snow I never leave mats out in the winter.

tutorial from Topstail I plan to try with solar string lights instead

glow in the dark spray paint
Glow In The Dark Paint
How did I never think of this before?!  Glow in the dark paint in the garden.  OMG the uses are endless.  My DIY mind was spinning when the gravity of this dawned on me.  You mean I can turn anything I want in the yard and garden glow in the dark.  Ohhhh....this could be dangerous.   I honestly am amazed there is not more on this on the web (I searched but didn't find much).  It makes me want to make cool stuff for my yard and garden just so I can paint it with glow in the dark paint.  I have a feeling I will go crazy this spring and you will soon see our yard from space.

I think the only thing to keep in mind is to not make sure the paint doesn't touch the ground nearby anything that you grow and eat, also make sure the paint you choose is for outdoors.

Here's what I found for inspiration:
spray paint rocks with glow in the dark paint 

 Vintage floor grates painted with glow in the dark as stepping stones
paint whimsical garden art and statues 

or paint cool stuff like dinosaur bones
 Maybe make a room divider out of plastic bottles painted glow in the dark?
If you have any ideas about how to light up the night I'd love to hear about it.
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  1. I LOVE this idea!! I am going to try it this summer.

  2. I'm glad so many people are as excited about this idea for the garden as I am. I'll post pics of how I end up using glow in the dark paint in my yard and garden. Can't wait for spring!